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Apparently Lebron James "Zero Dark Thirty - 23" Does Not Apply To Sliding Into Barstool Snapchat Girls DM's


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Apparently “Zero Dark Thirty – 23″ does not apply to sliding into Instagram girl’s DM’s.    Listen of all the things I hate Lebron for this ain’t one of them.  This is actually the definition of #strivingforgreatness. I mean if I could just drop my name on chicks this hot and have them freak out I’d do it to. Just no need to be hypocritical and act like you’re off social media while you’re out their creeping like the rest of us. And just so people know this isn’t fake because we confirmed it. The most journalistic integrity we’ve ever had.






Sidenote – Have we talked about how ridiculous it is that Lebron calls his social media blackout “Zero Dark Thirty – 23″ as opposed to just Zero Dark 23?  Mind boggling.