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Price Gets Shelled, Kimbrel Gets Shelled, Drinkwater Leaves Early

I got to be honest of everything bad that happened today Drinkwater leaving with the tying run at the plate was by far the most disappointing.  I think he was sitting with Lenny Clarke?  I feel like that type of behavior is expected from Clarke but not Drinkwater.  Guy sits there in 20 degree weather when the Sox are 20 games out.   Yes he leaves quickly, but he doesn’t leave in close games till it’s over.  And on Opening Day no less.

PS – Bad form from the baseball gods having Papi ground into killer double play in the 9th in his last home opener.   Have a sense for the moment 1 time.

Double PS – Don’t worry Jared.  I’ll blog the Sox.  I hope you had fun at the game.