So Apparently Johnny Manziel Doesn't Even Know Who He Lives With, Now Rooming With Josh Gordon In The Offseason

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Classic Johnny Football. Guy doesn’t even know who he’s living with. Yeah my roommate, he’s a black guy, he wears t-shirts, he’s a football player, I think it’s Von Miller? Wait, maybe not. It actually may be Josh Gordon? Yeah, that’s my roommate, Josh Gordon, I knew I’d get it within the first 2 tries.


I’m not going to sit here and say I know exactly what’s going on in Johnny Manziel’s life. I’ll just simply say that when you don’t know who you are living with, good chance your life is in a little bit of disarray. Crack heads and homeless people can’t successfully name their roommates, not professional football players. One hell of a hangover Johnny must have woken up from the day he realized he wasn’t in fact living with Von Miller.




There’s also a chance that ESPN’s “sources” just listened to this morning’s Pardon My Take and rolled with it.