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The Season 2 Trailer For "Bloodline," The Best Show No One Talks About, Is Finally Here

I’ve been on “Bloodline” since day one and we’ve finally got our trailer for season two. Even I’m a bit weirded out by how much I love this show, but I think it’s incredible. Between Coach Taylor and Ben Mendelsohn, both nominated for Emmy’s for Bloodline, it’s can’t miss stuff. But for some reason I feel like no one talks about it. Fact of the matter is that the acting and writing are some of the best “on television” right now. Everyone sucks the dick of all Netflix’s Marvel shows, and those are excellent, but they pale in comparison to “Bloodline.”

Now I’ll be honest, I have no idea what’s coming in season two. I’ve watched this trailer three times and still have no clue what’s happening. I believe season one was supposed to be a one off but after its success, they decided to keep it going. Obviously, Danny Rayburn was one of the best parts so they had to bring him back, which is why we’re left with the “John is seeing his dead brother” storyline and, to be honest, I’m not totally sure that’s going to work. Season one was heavy on the flashbacks so I was hoping that season two would focus on Danny’s time in Miami but it doesn’t look like that’s the case, unfortunately. Instead it appears Danny set up some kind of twisted life insurance policy and it’s going to force John to work with Danny’s drug dealing friends? Also not wild about that.

But I can assure you that on May 27th I’ll be watching all ten episodes. Might even grab a gallon jug, or two, and keep it right by the couch so I can just piss in there and don’t have to move at all. I’m a bit concerned following the trailer, but the writers and actors earned so much goodwill from me after season one that it’s impossible to doubt them here. They undoubtedly deserve the benefit of the doubt and while I’m a bit skeptical of the trailer, I’m definitely going to be along for the ride.