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This Kid's Crying Tantrum Because His Mom Won't Get Him A Hat Should Be A Must-Watch Before Having A Child


The shirt is a lie:


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.33.40 AM


If it were up to me, every potential parent would have to sit down in a government office somewhere and watch a 90 minute highlight reel of videos like this somewhere in the first trimester of their pregnancy before deciding “Am I really going to bring children into this world?” Because to me, seeing a combination of a video like this along with the cost of sending a kid to college in 2016 should be enough to sober at least half of the unfit parents out there into getting a dog and taking a vacation instead. I don’t want to totally write two people off as parents but seeing the dad/”dad” yukking it up while this kid acts like a total shithead, even elbowing his mom pretty hard, and the mom “lays the law down” after she bought him a video game that morning and I’m sure he wasn’t a ray of sunshine then…like these people could just not have kids. Their lives would be better, our lives would be better, and all it would take is my 90 minute video of shitty kids narrated by Bob Saget at his America’s Funniest Home Videos best to get them to realize it. Preventative measures.


ALL THAT SAID, despite his poor messaging overall I have to take the kid’s side. Dude DESPERATELY needed a hat. If you’re going to cut his hair like an innovative mop sold in an infomercial, maybe skip buying him an Xbox game and get him an Urban Sombrero first next time. Just another example of their complete lack of parenting awareness tbh.


(h/t r/publicfreakout)