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This Kobe Bryant And Michael B. Jordan Commercial Is Some A+ Stuff

Genuinely funny. Sassy Kobe is the best Kobe, whether he’s being real or not. One of my favorite clips in recent history is watching Kobe’s reaction to his shit Lakers team go ham on camera after winning a meaningless game late in the season:

Incredible. The pure hate on that face is palpable. A movie about Kobe would actually be amazing. ESPECIALLY if it’s Michael B. Jordan rocking out in Lower Merion gear. I’d watch the royal shit out of anything with that young man. That kid is already one of the greatest acting products in a generation. The Wire, Friday Night Lights, Fruitville Station, Fantastic Four, Creed. It’s only going to get better. If only I didn’t piss my pants in his presence then maybe we could’ve been besties 4 eva. Forgive me, QB 1. I am still ashamed.