The Boston Globe Goes Full ClickBait With A Fake News Story Acting Like Donald Trump Is Already President On Front Cover


Will the real Boston Globe please stand up? Are they a news organization? Are they Buzzfeed Jr? Are they the Onion? What the hell are they? And by the way I don’t inherently have a problem with any of those answers. But I do think it gets dicey when you start weaving in and out of those lanes. One day you want to be taken seriously and the next day you’re total satire.

Because make no mistake about it. This was clickbait 101. How do we get people to pay attention to us and talk about us? That’s what drove this decision. Again all fine and dandy but you can’t then say you are a serious news organization with real journalists and then pull a circus stunt like this. Especially when you’ve never done that before. I mean I don’t even think the NY Post would do this and they’ll pretty much do anything. Just seems like a sad ploy by a dying newspaper that still can’t find their way in the new digital world. It reeks of desperation. It’s one thing maybe to pull this on April Fool’s day but just randomly dropping this in the middle of April for a few clicks? Sad.