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Red Sox Clinch Their First Series Of The Season Against The Division Champs - Drop The #GoldBottles T-Shirt


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If you’re new to the program, #GoldBottles is my signature victory tweet. I actually started doing it sarcastically after the Red Sox won their first game after losing 10 straight in 2014, and it just kinda stuck. Been tweeting it after every win ever since. Now that we’re in the final season of David Ortiz’s career, there’s no better time to drop a #GoldBottles t-shirt to show some love to Big Papi, and to get behind this 2016 Red Sox team, who just clinched their first series against the defending American League East champions.

By the looks of it, this Red Sox team is who we thought they were. A lineup that’s going to score a ton of runs, a bullpen that’s going to lock down games in the late innings, and a starting rotation that’s going to give up a shitload of runs when David Price isn’t pitching. But, as they say, winning 8-7 and 8-4 is just as good as winning 1-0. #GoldBottles, indeed.