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Momma And Poppa Smitty Came Off The Top Rope With This Text From Lego Land

Hardy har har. No idea how two seniors take a golf outing to Florida with no kids and end up at freaking Lego Land, but that’s neither here nor there. I’ll give it to them. I got Got. Hook, line, and sinker. Even though they’re bashing their own genetics, I’ll concede victory as long as they also sent it over to my apparent long lost sister…


Ha! Look at that noggin’! Must be tough living life with your head having it’s own gravitational pull. I don’t mean to be facial profiling but there’s no way I would associate myself with anyone who looks like they’re the result of Hey Arnold fucking a pumpkin.

Eh, I suppose we may be related. At least it would probably explain this holiday photo. A damn shame Matt Stafford and Haley Joel Osment weren’t in town to join the family.