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How Dumb Is This Whole "Urlacher Doesn't Want The Bears To Win The Super Bowl" Story?

Urlacher Sprint


(Source) Retired Chicago Bears great Brian Urlacher said he’ll be rooting for his former team next season because he still has a lot of good friends left on the squad, but the potential Hall of Fame linebacker said with a tongue-in-cheek tone that his loyalty may have a limit.

“I’m going for them,” he said during a radio interview for “A lot of my friends are still on the team. A lot of my good friends, guys I’ve played with for 10-11 years, so I’m still rooting for them. I hope they do well.

“They better not win a championship without me, because I’ll be really (ticked).”

Urlacher, 35, spent all 13 seasons of his NFL career with the Bears. The parting wasn’t entirely amicable as Urlacher, whose contract expired after last season, wanted to continue playing for the Bears. Urlacher’s side made a contract offer, the Bears counter-offered, and after Urlacher’s camp tried to continue negotiating the Bears issued a press release that the two sides were moving on in different directions.

So this is the story today on all of the Chicago Radio stations. How Urlacher doesn’t want the Bears to win this year and how fucked up that is because he’s a Bear legend and blah blah blah. First of all, it was a joke. Urlacher clearly was speaking in a tongue and cheek manner, he didn’t say he was rooting against the Bears he just made a simple joke about his feelings if they did in fact win a Super Bowl without him. Classic media to then spin it into Urlacher hates the Bears now.


Secondly, and more important, even though he was joking he’s not wrong. How fucking angry would you be if you played in the NFL for 13 years and then had your team win a Super Bowl the year after you retire? That would be fucking miserable. You don’t think Tiki Barber sits at home and thinks about how he shouldn’t have retired when he did? It’s probably always on his mind. It would be like selling your Apple stock before it went big, or being Pete Best. To be one year out of the league and have that happen would be absolutely devastating.