Oz The Beast Mode Cheerleader Got His Very Own Feature In The Daily Iowan


The Daily Iowan- He flapped his massive arms, punched the air, and let out what must have been one of the loudest screams heard in Carver-Hawkeye that day. Almost like a cartoon, Oz’s jaw appeared to unhinge, doubling its circumference to allow for optimal bellows. ESPN’s cameras were focused on Oz the whole time, catapulting him to a level of fame he said he could never imagine. “I had friends post the [videos] on my Facebook wall, email and tweet them to me,” he said. “I kind of laughed; I react in a big way every time there’s a big play. My teammates didn’t act that shocked; they know that’s how I am. It hasn’t changed the way I react; I try to cheer the Hawks on to the best of my ability.” Similar videos, or “GIFs,” as they’re called on the Internet, have since appeared of Oz cheering on Iowa. When you Google “Iowa Cheerleader,” four of the 10 items that pop up on the first page are videos or GIFs of Oz. When you Google “Iowa Cheerleader GIF,” eight of the 10 links are Oz-related.

They grow up so fast.  Beast Mode Cheerleader (AKA Oz) got his very own feature in The Daily Iowan.  I feel like a proud father.  Guy is pretty much a super star on campus now and there’s no turning back.  You don’t just get a feature in The Daily Iowan and then not get treated like the Frank Sinatra of Iowa City everywhere you go.  That’s just how it goes.  I’ll bet he never has to pay for another drink the rest of time he’s at Iowa and probably forever.  Everybody wants to drink with the Beast Mode Cheerleader (myself included).  If I could figure out a way to meet up with him on Saturday for the Barstool Blackout Tour I would.  Not to mention Oz is probably swimming in more pussy than he ever thought possible.  Just running through college girls like a young Wilt.  And the guy deserves every bit of it.  He oozes enthuisiasm and charisma.  You can only keep a guy like Beast Mode Cheerleader hidden for long before he bursts onto the scene and everybody knows his name.  Talent like that doesn’t go unnoticed.  The guy is superstar.  Proud of you, Beast Mode Cheerleader.

PS- Am I a little salty that Barstool didn’t get mentioned at all in the article as one of the reasons Oz is a super star now even though KMarko and myself more than likely had a hand in his rise to fame by writing about him on multiple occasions?  Nope. Iowa people gotta stick together.  It’s all good.