And Then There Were Two: NCAA Frozen Four Recap


I’m an NHL guy through and through. I don’t watch an overbearing amount of college hockey throughout the regular season because it’s just too much to keep up with. I don’t necessarily have a team of my own but if you followed my lead and hopped on either the Quinnipiac bandwagon or the North Dakota bandwagon as the tournament started, well then you’re having yourself a grand ol’ time right now. The reason why I’m saying that isn’t to say “I told you so” (it kind of is but whatever), but more as a testament to how unreal these two college teams are. Because they were so dominant this season that even I, an idiot with nothing but a keyboard and internet connection, knew right from the get go that they’d be meeting in the National Championship game. So before the Bobcats take on the Sioux tomorrow night at 8pm regular people time, let’s take a look at how they got there.

Quinnipiac 3, Boston College 2

Quinnipiac came right out of the gate firing and their mantra was to fuck shit up. Just over 2 minutes into the game they forced a giveaway with the strong forecheck and defenseman Kevin McKernan was there to stuff one by the best goalie in the nation Thatcher Demko. I can understand complaining about a potential offside call here but it looked like everybody tagged up and the BC defenseman just shit his pants a little with the puck in the corner. And that’s what Quinnipiac will make you do. They’re the best team in the nation for a reason. They don’t have a ton of NHL guys on the roster but they’re a team that does all the little things right. They’re not going to beat you with a ton of flashy plays but they’re strong on the forecheck like this and they’ll capitalize on caused turnovers. They jumped out to a 2-0 start before BC even noticed the first puck was dropped.


Boston College got their game going a little in the 2nd and started to settle in but at that point it was just a little too late. They cut the lead to 2-1 but then Quinnipiac got extra greasy on the powerplay with this back breaker.

Just throw pucks and bodies to the front of the net and good things happen. Things got a little dicey toward the end of the game but luckily senior goalie Michael Garteig brought his big boy glove with him down to Tampa.

Quick question. From the looks of this, it appears that vine is actually from Pres. I know he just moved and everything and is still getting set up in his apartment in New York, but what the fuck is going up with all those wires? Clean it up. Moguls don’t have exposed wires like that. And now on to the riots at the Q.

North Dakota 4, Denver 2

If there is one thing to take away from this year in college hockey, it’s that North Dakota’s CBS line fucks. Drake Caggiula is going to be the top NHL free agent on the market once his season wraps up after Saturday night and the only thing I can do right now is pray that he wants to play for his former coach Dave Hakstol here in Philly. Brock Boeser will most likely sign with the Vancouver Canucks after Saturday as well and the Canucks have to be thrilled with snagging him and Thatcher Demko. And then Nick Schmaltz ends up in Chicago and we have to suffer through Chief’s #DynastyReign spiel because somehow the Blackhawks continue to get richer and richer every year. But between the three of them, I think they have about infinity points this season and combined for all 3 impact goals last night.

After Caggiula had 2 himself in the 2nd period, Denver headed into the locker room down by a pair. I then opened my stupid mouth on Twitter and I’m pretty sure my Flyers stink rubbed off on the Sioux because before I knew it, the Pios tied the game in the 3rd. Just 10 minutes and 51 seconds into the 3rd and it was a whole new puck game. The Jordie Jinx is real. But luckily the CBS line says “fuck your jinx” and in comes the most exciting goal of the night. Take it away, Bucci.

What a bunch of fucking studs. 1 minute left and the three of them make something out of nothing. After an empty net goal for good measure, the Fighting Sioux are one win away from their first national title since 2000. I’m gonna need somebody to find me this sad Denver fan because I’d very much like to be the shoulder she cries on.

Meanwhile, Quinnipiac returns to the national championship game for the 2nd time since 2013 but still looking for their first national title. If you put a gun to my head, I say that North Dakota wins this thing probably with a goal from Caggiula in overtime. But I’m gonna have to go ahead and Stephen A. Smith this thing because Quinnipiac just finds a way. North Dakota wins in overtime but don’t count out the Bobcats. That’s your hot take of the day. Now I’ll see all you bitches on Saturday.