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Move Over "Michigan Uber" Kid...Wake Forest Dickhead Unloads On Campus Cop

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.39.42 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.37.49 PM

Move over Mac & Cheese bro…

Step aside Michigan Uber kid…

We’ve got a new college Internet Villain.

Man this dude is lucky nobody caught a video. Videos are life ruiners, especially when they have you berating a cop about being fat, poor and dropping the “faggot” bomb a dozen times. No viral video and not even a name means this will blow over real quick.

Anyway I’ve been incredibly harsh on campus cops around here over the years, because honestly 99.99% of them deserve it. We all have at least one horrible experience with some hardo campus cop. The dicks who don’t want to do the dangerous job of being a real cop protecting people, but want some sort of authority just to be a tough guy and rough kids up. But this just shows that they’re not ALL bad. I mean this guy letting this jackass kid off with no charges is superhuman restraint. I think we can all agree we’d be fine with him suplexing him into the concrete and arresting him on charges of being a dickhead. Totally justified.


“Mr. Blank advised me I was a fat fuck who is going to die early.”

I don’t care how comfortable you are with yourself, that shit stings.



[h/t TFM]