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Well I've Found The Biggest Asshole In America - Guy Has Hotel Staff Fulfill Absurd Requests For "Fun", Conveniently Forgets To Tip





(source) When Dustin Wray booked a room for himself and his girlfriend at the Woodlands Resort near Houston last month he decided to test the resort’s customer service. When he came to the “special requests” section of the online reservation form, Wray, 28, requested that the resort provide him with three red M&Ms and a picture of bacon. “Three red M&Ms on the counter. Not packages, just three single M&Ms. One for me, one for my girlfriend and one to split if we get hungry late at night. And a picture of bacon on the bed. I love pictures of bacon,” he wrote in his request for the nearly $200 hotel room.  “I figured real bacon would be too hard to come by,” Wray, an account manager for a cloud computing company, told “I wrote it so that if they saw it they would laugh because it was stupid but also make it feasible if they actually wanted to fulfill it.” When Wray, of New Braunfels, Texas, arrived at his room at the 440-room resort with his girlfriend, Lauren Taylor, last Friday night, the joke was on him.

“I saw the three red M&M’s there and it honestly confused me,” he said. “I was staring at them thinking this is weird. And then Lauren started laughing at the picture on the bed [of bacon] and I turned around and looked and that’s when it all clicked.” “We celebrated by eating a very small amount of M&Ms,” he said. “We laughed about it a bunch and thought it was absolutely cool.” Wray was so surprised that the hotel had matched his request down to the last detail that he didn’t bring it up to the hotel staff at the time and didn’t even leave a tip when he and Taylor checked out the next day. “As we were driving home I felt like a jerk,” Wray said. “I definitely have to go back to right my wrong.” Wray will have a chance to redeem himself very soon thanks to his decision to share the hotel’s good deed on Reddit.

Wray posted photos of his request and the bacon and M&Ms in his hotel room on the social sharing site Monday and identified Woodlands by name in hopes it would generate some well-earned good publicity for the resort. In just four hours, Wray’s Reddit post generated 80,000 views and led to coverage on local Houston radio shows and in local blogs and newspapers.  As a thank you, an official from Woodlands reached out to Wray and offered him another stay at the resort, this one on the house.


First of all Dustin, let me just get this out of the way. Your girlfriend isn’t a “smoke” per se but we all would like to have sex with her.


Now that we’ve broken the ice. Holy shit is Dustin Wray the biggest douchebag in America? I mean the requests are bad. 3 M&M’s and a picture of bacon is some Diva bullshit. “Oh won’t it be so funny when we make some poor kid who is probably working for minimum wage bend over backwards for us, lol, what a great gaffe!”. But then to not even tip? Fuck you dude. And don’t give me the whole “I felt really bad so I posted it on reddit” bullshit. You posted it on reddit because you wanted to have your 15 minutes of internet fame and wind up on Yahoo News. Plain and simple. Don’t pretend your conscience suddenly got the best of you. This was fame whoring 101 and that makes you an asshole. You were an asshole when you asked for those things and you were even more of an asshole when you conveniently “forgot” to tip. Anyone who says differently is blowing smoke up your ass.