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I Fundamentally Don’t Understand This Braves Pitcher’s Delivery And It Pisses Me Off More Than It Should

So…that’s not a balk? I guess not? Regardless, I want to say good for this guy John Gant for being that different and still make it to the show. I really do. But honestly, fuck him. Meanwhile this jabroni is stopping 10 times in one windup and is still firing straight heat in the dirt. Screw it being a balk, it should be an impossibility he can have any mustard behind that pitch going half-assed from the stretch.

*If my heater was a Ford Escort then my deuce was a freaking Rolls Royce. 12 to 6 baby.

Second only to Darryl Kile (RIP, I think right? (Googles…) Yeah, RIP.)