Bomani Jones Rocks A "Caucasians" Shirt On Mike & Mike Protesting The Indians Use Of Chief Wahoo

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Complex - The shirt—which, according to a Hardball Talk story, was created by a company called Shelf Life Clothing almost a decade ago and is a hot seller on Canadian Indian reservations—is designed to look like a Cleveland Indians shirt…except that it features the word “Caucasians” in place of the word “Indians” and a caricature of a white person in place of the Indians’ mascot Chief Wahoo. It also has a dollar sign in place of Chief Wahoo’s feather. While speaking with First Take host Molly Qerim about the shirt on Mike & Mike, Jones joked that he decided to wear the shirt because “it was clean.” But obviously, he’s doing it for a bigger reason than just that. Jones has been vocal about the Indians’ continued use of Chief Wahoo on his show, and on Mike & Mike, he said that there’s “no defense” for the Indians using Chief Wahoo as a mascot on their official merchandise at this point.

Listen point very well taken. That shirt definitely highlights how silly it is. And that dude tweeting about wearing an “African Americans” shirt walked right into that one. Making Bomani’s point for him. Im not an idiot – I understand having an exaggerated red face, big toothed Indian caricature as your logo is obviously gonna ruffle feathers and piss people off. But the Chief Wahoo logo is fire. I understand its offensive, its just fire. A fighting leprechaun is offensive to the Irish but its an awesome cartoon so nobody cares. Same thing with Wahoo.

Its inevitable that this logo has to disappear so theres no sense in fighting it. They’ve already switched over the the red “C” so its just a matter of time. And while I dont think thats really necessary I think the only thing more annoying than pussy PC crowd offended for the 67 Native Americans still in existence are the people who act like society as we know it is crumbling to the ground when this stuff happens. The world will continue to spin without Chief Wahoo. We dont need to act like its the end of the world that the Cleveland Indians are going to have to one day change their logo.