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Mike Milbury Gave The Bruins An A+ Pump-Up Speech For Their Game Against The Red Wings Tonight

Woooooo baby! LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!! That’s how you give a speech right there, ladies and gentlemen. Herb Brooks is sitting in his grave thinking goddamn can Mike Milbury get the boys going. If I was him I’d have a copy of this on Don Sweeney and Cam Neely’s desks this morning with just a little stick-it note that says, “When do I start?” Claude’s obviously lost the locker room and is so very clearly not the right coach to lead this bad, injured, not-deep team to the playoffs. What this Bruins locker room needs is a guy who can inspire them and light a fire under their ass by saying the most important reason to win tonight’s hockey game is to stop the Red Wings from breaking an NHL record that the Bruins currently own, even though the Wings won’t break that record for like 4 more years. It makes no sense at all, but at least it was a massage he delivered in a clear and passionate manner.

Currently, all signs are pointing to this man coaching the Boston Bruins next season. If that’s something you’re happy about then you need to get your head checked. You needed your head checked before this speech/ramblings of a fool, but at least right now I’m pretty sure you agree that you’re an idiot.

If I was Claude, all-time winningest coach of the franchise and a man who’s been to two Stanley Cups in the last five years, and the Bruins fired me to hire Mike Milbury I’d immediately go to Montreal and terrorize the Bruins for the next decade. I hope Claude is less vindictive than me.

PS – If you’re nervous, or feeling down about the way things are going, I’ve got some good news for you: can’t be eliminated today, baby! The 2016 Bruins: we’re not technically dead quite yet!

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