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DISASTER News From Mets Land: Familia's Music Is No Longer Danza Kuduro

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Click here to listen on Billboard. Not available for embed on Soundcloud yet

BillboardFellow Dominican Zacarías Ferreira composed and sings “Somos Familia,” the pitcher’s new custom theme song. “Somos Familia,” NY Mets closer Jeurys Familia’s new walkout song, will be released as a single this Friday, April 8, the same day that the Mets play their opening home game against the Phillies. Fellow Dominican Zacarías Ferreira, a popular bachata artist known for his rootsy yet contemporary style, composed the song expressly for the pitcher. Wth a title and lyrics that play on Familia’s name (“We Are Family”), the catchy song, performed by Ferreira, is a definite crowd pleaser, with appeal for both old school bachata fans and younger New Yorkers raised on Aventura and Romeo Santos: that means that it hits right to the multigenerational Latino members in the stands at Citi Field. Familia’s new inspirational theme song also tells baseball fans what they want to hear on the field, assuring, in Spanish, that he is “ready to give every drop of my sweat and my blood here.” “Somos Familia” will play at Friday’s home opener if Familia closes out the game. Meanwhile, listen to “Somos Familia” now, exclusively on Billboard. 

I know that just 2 days ago I was telling everyone to keep their composure and not overreact to anything that happens in the first couple games of a 162 game season. But we might as well go ahead and cancel the season. Abandoning Danza Kuduro is maybe the worst move a closer can make. Maybe just the worst move any person alive can make. Danza Kuduro is the song of a fucking generation. Its not even that I dislike Somos Familia. I could see myself drinking some tequila and listening to that tune. I like that hes got his own custom song like Yo does. But all of this pales in comparison to Danza Kuduro. Its one of the hottest songs of all time and when Familia used to run his big ass out to the mound with that shit bumping, Citi was ROCKIN. I really thought the Mets had a chance of winning the World Series this year but you can pretty much forget about it now. Maybe next year.


Cue the motherfuckin music!