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It's Good To See RG3 Has Left His DC Persona Behind As He Moves On To Cleveland


OH COME ON!!!!!!!

In DC, all we ever said was  “enough with the catch phrases”. It was a different catch phrase, a different #branding technique week in and week out from him. “All in for week 1″, “go catch your dream”, “dream big, live bigger”, and of course “unbelievably believable”. He tried or did trademark all of those. So now he sells his house, goes to Cleveland, gets this fresh start….and starts the same corny shit all over again. It’s unbelievably believable!

My friend JP said it best:

The thing is, a lottttt of people enjoy his inspirational sayings. A lot of people. Just like a ton of people love JJ Watt’s antics. It motivates people. It makes people feel good about themselves. I get it. I really do. It’s just RG3 needs to ease into it. He went 0->100 in DC and then stopped making plays on the field. At least JJ backs his shit up. If you can back it up, go for it. RG3 was spewing all these sayings and cliche’s nonstops and it became such an annoyance to the entire team and fanbase. I cannot believe he is starting it all over again in Cleveland, I really thought he would have learned to lay low for a bit and let his play do the talking.