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Vin Scully Explaining What GOAT Means Is Broadcasting Perfection

You know how many 88 year olds could explain what GOAT means and not sound like a clueless, bumbling fool? Exactly one. Vin motherfucking Scully. Because GOAT recognize GOAT. Just a golden set of pipes and a storytelling ability that makes George R.R. Martin jealous. I always forget that MLB Extra Innings is free until like the third day of the season because I am an idiot. But once I do remember, Dodgers games are must watch just to hear Scully talk about God knows what for three hours. I don’t care that the Dodgers are an overpriced, boring team. Scully is that great. And while I’ve never had a warm glass of milk before going to bed, I can’t imagine that it does a better job of helping you go to sleep than Vin’s Hall of Fame voice while you are in bed. The fact that Scully has been able to hold off Gary, Keith, and Ron for the crown of best baseball broadcast in the public’s eye is nothing short of legendary. A one man wrecking crew. Shit, I’m going to cry when Vin Scully dies, huh?