UConn Goes Undefeated, Wins 4th Straight National Title By 31 Points

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Ok there’s actually a highlight from this UConn run that I want to focus on, but leading off with it is playing right into our critics’ hands. So first I gotta give a shoutout to the UConn women’s hoops players. Man you guys are good. What heart. What execution. 38-0 – every win by double digits. Yes not a single win was by less than 10. Average margin of victory: 39.4!! Won 25 of their last 38 by at least FORTY! Four straight national titles. Nobody has ever dominated their respective sport the way UConn women dominate theirs. Sure it’s not too exciting to watch, but you gotta tip your hat to greatness.

My personal favorite highlight of the tournament run? Assistant coach Jasmine Lister.

That booty though…

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And just so none of you savages even think about objectifying her.

Just trying to appreciate an A+ ass. Let me live.