A Burglar Hid Under A Kid's Blanket While Robbing A House So Don't Feel Too Bad About Yourself

Mashable- When you’ve forgotten to bring your balaclava to a burglary, you’ll need to use what you can. Take this burglar who used a kid’s duvet to hide and crawl around a house, stealing a number of items including cash and jewellery on Mar. 20 in Dannemora, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Police are appealing to the public for any help, but it looks like blanket man remains under covers, for now.




I LOVE videos and stories like this. I really do. They make me feel all warm inside. Not because I think what’s happening in that video is acceptable. It’s the opposite. I love videos like that because it makes me realize I’m not as big of a piece of shit as I think I am. Keep the life bar low by comparing yourself to people who are doing SO MUCH WORSE than you. Like yeah, I eat too much and drink too much and swear too much but did I crawl around the floor of a house covered under a child’s blanket and rob the place blind? NOPE. Sure didn’t. That was some other guy who did it so I win.  It’s the same feeling parents get when they see somebody being a worse parent than them. The best way to be a good parent is to take joy in the failures of other parents. You know how they say, if you go on a camping trip with friends, and get chased by a bear that you only need to be faster than your slowest? Living your best life is taking that philosophy and applying it to every single aspect of your life.


PS- Maybe the most shocking part of that story is they haven’t found the guy. Slinking around a house covered in a kid’s blanket actually worked. Good job?