Kid Lets His Friend Hit A Golf Ball Outta His Mouth And Gets Hit In The Face



What an IDIOT! Come on now. If you’re gonna do it at least have a super hot and super cool girl do it. Not your friend. To be honest, that’s about as lucky as you’re gonna get if somebody is teeing off on your face and they accidentally hit you. When Paige and I did this, I didn’t think I would feel anything if she hit me. I thought I would be unconscious or dead or both. I would either wake up in the hospital with no teeth and the biggest You Owe Me of all time or not wake up at all. Those were the only scenarios in my head if she chunked her driver into my skull. Luckily it all worked out and I still have my beautiful face. The lesson is don’t try this stunt at home, kids. Leave it to John Daly and uninsured smut bloggers.



This is how you do it






PS- Might hop on the next flight to Scottsdale



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