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Must Watch Video - Guy From 1999 With The Greatest Backstreet Boys Music Video Of All Time

For those of you from Southern Ontario, it’s likely that you went to Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto during the late 90’s/early 2000’s in the Summertime. We happened to be outside the place when this guy went in for his solo. This VHS copy has been hiding in a box in my basement for years, and today, I converted it to digital.  Enjoy!


Well I’ve just seen the greatest performance of my life. No real words for this. Just more stunned and amazed and enthralled and every other adjective that can be used to describe the most incredible thing you have ever watched even though none of them really do it justice. Karaoke? Ha! This guy didn’t even think about singing. Not for one second. Just went into that booth and kicked ass from start to finish. Like Ali in his prime or 80’s Tyson. A rapid flurry of fists and kicks and then boom you’re dead.  Absolute Beast mode.



Wouldn’t want to be a 3 foot midget when this guy gets to high leg kicking.