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For The Record, I'm All For Villanova Getting A Parade...But Not Down Broad Street



Let’s start by stating the obvious. That was a HUGE victory not just for Villanova, but the entire Philadelphia area. The Big 5 is one of the most historic and celebrated sports legacies in America, and any of the 5 teams (and Drexel) who can cut down the nets deserve to be recognized. Close down Lancaster Avenue for a month if you have to for a parade. Shit, march through Upper Darby like General Sherman and you’ll be doing everyone a favor. I can even dig a get together from down JFK that ends with a fiesta outside of City Hall. However, there has to be a line drawn that separates everyone from the Professional Sports Royalty in South Philly, and that line is Broad Street.

In no way shape or form can I claim this as a city championship deserving of a parade down that sacred street. I wasn’t borderline furious when those little Taney Dragon shits came in 3rd at the Little League World Series and got a parade in general – I repeat, FOR THIRD PLACE. That was OUTRAGEOUS. Nova does deserve a parade, but the walk of heroes should only be reserved for the 4 major sports franchises after championships. It’s as symbolic as it gets. No offense to Villanova, especially since they play at the Wells Fargo Center, but South Philly isn’t their home. They reside on the Main Line. The Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers only deserve to dance down that street. It’s not going to happen and Nova is going to get their walk in the sun down Broad St., but somebody has to step up and say it how it is. There are some things that should stay sacred.

PS – Totally hypocritical, but I would’ve LOVED if Smarty Jones got a parade if he took down the Triple Crown in 2004. It would just be so far out of left field of desperation you gotta respect it. That damn horse would’ve had his dick stroked more in one afternoon than Pat The Bat did in a decade in this city.

PPS – Never Forget:


UPDATE: They’re doing it the right way and ending it before making a right down Broad St at Dilworth Park (City Hall). OK then. Somebody in this city still gets it.

See ya Friday!