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Amber Rose Has Her Own Emojis And Now So Does Bubba Watson


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.03.30 AM



So funny! So zany! Classic Bubba. It really makes me happy that Amber Rose debuted her emojis just days before Bubba debuted his. Just a couple of money grabs. So now Amber has emojis, Kim Kardashian has emojis and Bubba Watson has emojis. Perfect. Here’s the real question though, how much money is Bubba gonna make off of these? Amber Rose made $4 million and, as weird as it sounds, I think there’s a large section of the population that likes her a lot. Cleary. That 4 mil had to come from somewhere. Some stupid people like Bubba too but I have a hard time believing anyone likes him enough to the point where they’ll buy emojis of him and send them to their friends. If a friend/co-worker/stranger off the street ever texted a Bubbamoji to my phone, I’d track them down and strangle them. Honestly, how much do we think Bubba pulls down from this? I’m gonna be mad if it’s more than $50.


What the fuck?


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