Philadelphia Having A Parade For Villanova Is Ridiculous

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I dont wanna be the guy trying to rain on everyone’s parade here after an exhilarating National Championship, but the problem here is that there is actually going to be a literal parade. Thats fucking ridiculous, no? The fact that Philly is claiming this as a title for its city is preposterous. I read Smitty’s take last night after they won about how hes not a diehard fan and didnt go there but still likes them and was happy they won. And thats fine. I’d imagine I’d be just like that with St. Johns if they were ever to get good again and werent a total fucking joke. But never in one hundred thousand years would I attend a parade and celebrate like that was a championship for me. Anybody outside of Nova Nation in that town claiming this as some sort of Philadelphia banner is kidding themselves. A parade and a city wide celebration for a local college championship is embarrassing. I know its Philly and as a fan of loser teams I can totally understand trying to take what you can get. But I’d be completely mortified to go to a parade for a local college if I didnt go there. And I know Nova is top dog in the Philly Big 5 but would they do the same if Temple or La Salle somehow miraculously won something? When Jameer and Delonte were killing it at St. Joes, would they have given them a parade if they won? I mean cmon this is just silly.

Again, really happy for Nova fans and for the casual Philly basketball fan this was probably a cool moment but lets not act like the Eagles won the Super Bowl here.