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Jim Nantz Gave Ryan Arcidiacono His Neck Tie In Some Bizarre Final Four Tradition Made Up By Jim Nantz


Ummm. What? Jim Nantz chooses a senior after the championship to give him his tie? Because Jim Nantz’s dad taught him how to tie a tie and it symbolizes hard work? What in the fuck is going on here? Apparently this is a Final Four Tradition and by Final Four Tradition he means he made it up for the first time last night and is trying to make it a thing. You pick an outstanding underclassmen and give him your sweaty socks, Jim? Maybe give the winning coach your underwear? I’m surprised he didnt present Villanova with his picture of burnt toast in his back pocket.

Out of all the people who try to insert themselves into other people’s moments, I think Jim Nantz and his neck tie takes the cake. Standing around on the court after the celebration with the cameras on him like “Hmmm what can I do right now to make this story about me? Dont have a trophy or an award or anything to give this kid…I’ll just give him my used neck tie.” The arrogance to act like your tie is some sort of symbol of hard work and dedications is absurd. Like its a game worn jersey or something. Get OUTTA here, Jim Nantz.

Poor Ryan “Archie DiAcono” Arcidiacono having to pretend like thats a big deal and he was so honored to get an old man’s neck tie. Hell of an acting job by him.