Reader Email - I Need A Ruling On Buddy Using Classpass



Reader Email

I need a ruling here. My buddy is a 30 year old stoolie who uses ClassPass to “work out”/hit on girls. He likes to get his money’s worth and goes to as many classes as possible, sometime doing two-a-days like he is on the H.S. Football team. He DOES NOT discriminate as to what class he takes… As evidence by this link below.

My buddy is the green shirt with the smooth moves in the second row. Believe it or not, he actually has gone on a bunch of dates with ClassPass girls, but at what cost? Is him dancing like a back-up dancer to Beiber acceptable in the name of pulling tail? I’m on the fence.



First of all laugh out loud funny watching your buddy dance.  I won’t ever throw shade at somebody bringing their lunch pail to work every day, driving the truck, grinding to get some pussy. I love how he’s not a pretty boy too. Probably knocking down chubby chicks one after another. Play on playa.

BUT you know what I do have a problem. Classpass. The first lady is a huge Class Pass person. We have a gym literally two feet away from our apartment. She likes it the most. Yet she will travel across the fucking state to go to some other gym because she has Classpass and want to save 10 or 20 bucks. Woman I delivered too many papers to have my wife driving 20 minutes to go the gym to save 10 bucks. I mean motivating yourself to workout is hard enough without forcing yourself to travel longer distances to get there. Now I know what you’re thinking. Hey Pres we’re not all multi millionaires. Not all of us can afford to go to the gym whenever we want. We’ll that’s not my fault you’re poor. Maybe if you stopped projecting your problems on other people and worked hard you wouldn’t be fat, broke and travelling across the country to be miserable.