New York Passes New Law That Bans Taxi Drivers From Ejaculating On Passengers - Daily Mail

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Independent – New York City officials have revealed new proposals that would ban taxi and hire car drivers from flirting with passengers or initiating any kind of unwanted physical contact. The Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has set out specific rules that include taking away licenses and imposing fines for drivers who touch or ejaculate on their passengers, and recommends fines and suspensions for drivers who comment on their passengers’ appearance or even talk about their own or their passengers’ love lives. Current TLC guidelines put “threat, harassment or abuse” in the same category, and punishment is a $350-$1,000 fine and a 30-day license suspension.  The new so-called “clean-up package”, which is set to go to a vote on 21 April, would enforce a fine of $1,000 for sexual harassment and 30-day license suspension.  The fine encompasses “engaging in any conversation related to sexual acts and sexual contact, or any other matter relating to… gender, physical appearance, expressing a desire to see or touch another person’s body or expressing a desire to enter into any type of relationship with another person.”

Well its a big step for us here in New York. Cab drivers officially cannot cum on you. Although I gotta be honest that punishment isnt nearly enough of a deterrent. 30 day suspension and a fine? I mean think about the type of driver that would cum on his passengers. You think thats enough of a punishment to stop him? 30 days off of work. Its a goddam vacation. People who ejaculate on other people arent going to stop doing that if you threaten them with a break from work. Rogue masturbators cant stop cumming on people unless you hit them with the harshest penalty. For real, if New York City wants to stop cabbies from cumming on people this has to be punishable by death. And even then it still might be a toss up.

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