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Of Course Donald Trump Has A Wall Of Shame In His Headquarters Of All The Candidates That Have Dropped Out Of The GOP Race


New York Magazine- Inside the pink-marble lobby of Trump Tower, tourists were snapping pictures of the giant waterfall that ripples down the wall of the atrium, while a visiting high-school brass band played in the “Trump Parlor.” At the welcome desk, copies of Trump’s book Crippled America were for sale alongside placards that read make america great again! and the silent majority stands with trump. Security guys patrolled everywhere. The place is a microcosm of Trump’s campaign thus far: cheesy, quaint, and menacing.

I left the ostentatious glitz of the lobby and took the elevator to the fifth floor, where two unmarked frosted-glass doors open onto a raw-concrete space with electrical wires and pipes hanging from the ceiling. Sheets of plywood were stacked haphazardly against the walls; plastic buckets and garbage cans were scattered across the floor. It looked like an abandoned construction site. In an unfinished room, I counted seven 20-somethings sitting at scuffed wooden desks and plastic foldout tables. Trump memorabilia festooned the walls. “This is all stuff people sent in,” said an earnest young man in a suit who works in voter outreach. He was sitting under an architectural rendering of the border wall that Trump insists Mexico will pay for. On the floor nearby was a model of the White House topped with a cardboard Trump cutout, American flags, and a pair of pink flamingos. Across the room, a wall of shame featured grim-faced photos of the 13 GOP candidates Trump has so far dispatched, with handwritten dates of their campaigns’ demises.


Listen, regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, you have to admit that this is a hilarious move. Just searching for the most depressing, dejected picture of a vanquished opponent and putting it up on his wall like he is King Joffrey putting heads on spikes in Game of Thrones. Regina George’s burn book doesn’t have shit on Trump’s Wall of Shame. If you told me Trump wiped his boogers on said wall, I would believe you. That’s the type of ruthlessness we are dealing with here.

And how about the fact that he keeps up the pictures of Ben Carson and Chris Christie after they have backed him publicly? Love that move. Come at The Trump, you best not miss. Because if you do, your ass is going on the Wall of Shame. And no matter what you think of a person, nobody EVER wants to be on someone else’s Wall of Shame. So whether you love him or hate him, we all have to acknowledge that Trump is a relentless jackhammer. Donald Trump is to Donald Drumpf as Michael Scarn is to Michael Scott or Tyler Durden is to The Fight Club Narrator.