In An Important Development, Kristaps Porzingis Is Apparently A Great Video Game Trash Talker

Watching this video made my eyes well up with tears of joy. Our little Latvian angel is all growed up. Is that a white, European basketball player or a guy holding court in an NBA locker room like he is in a barbershop? I know they say that the hardest part of adjusting to the NBA as a rookie is getting used to the rigors of traveling around the country and playing 82 games over five months. But getting accepted into the locker room has to be a close second. So shout out to Godzingis for fitting in like any NBA player with some A+ video game trash talk. Secretly taping someone saying they cheated on their fiance = Bad. Saying you are going to murder and eat your teammate like a gazelle = Good.

In an odd way, talking shit is more important than winning the actual game. Sure Sasha Vujacic is the easiest target on the planet. But you don’t just turn on a game’s difficulty from Rookie to All-Madden when trash talking in a new country. You have to ease into that stuff. Hell, KG made an entire on-court persona out of intimidating Euros. I don’t think I have ever saw him go at the Charles Oakleys or Davis brothers of the NBA. First you beat up on the Sashas of the world, work your way up to the Kyle O’Quinn’s, and then you are ready to start winning MVP. I imagine MJ talked shit to the scrubs on the Bulls teams before he started burying people on and off the court. Simple science, folks.

By the way, if Porzingis can’t come back the rest of this season, can we just forfeit the rest of the games? I mean I love that Kurt Rambis decided was forced to play the young guys, which had led to some exciting basketball. But I feel like Rambis coaching these guys will do more harm than good for their careers in the long-term.