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Vince McMahon Gave The Middle Finger To Wrestling Fans Everywhere Last Night

Anddddd end of show. That was the only moment we’ll remember fondly from last night’s otherwise depressing Wrestlemania. Sure the matches were good, but Mania is supposed to be the culmination of story lines, the place everything builds up to. Of course there will be times where the crowd favorite loses, or there’s a surprise twist that you didn’t see coming. But last night, Vince McMahon told all wrestling fans everywhere to suck his dick, he sent a message that he’s Vincent Kennedy McMahon, dammit and he’ll make the decisions whether you like it or not.

Sometimes in TV shows things don’t go your way. Your favorite character dies, loses a battle, what have you. Last night the crowd and the fans didn’t get one match to go their way, unless we count Zack Ryder winning the IC Belt. That was a nice, unsuspected moment, and the only one of the night.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.29.35 AM

While it’s par for the course for Cowboys Stadium, I have never been a part of such a sad, morose crowd after leaving what should have been the experience of a lifetime. Not to say it wasn’t…WrestleMania itself is quite a spectacle. But when the company goes out of their way to shit on their most loyal of fans, to remind us that we don’t matter, that’s so, so depressing. Hearing people talking while leaving the arena was just super sad. Things like “I don’t know why I expected anything else”, “glad I spent $1,000 on this piece of shit”, “not going to watch anymore”, things of that nature. An overall feeling of “why did I allow myself to get roped in by this dogshit company yet again?”

I think perhaps the thing that makes the least sense is the New Day losing. You have 3 super popular, really good wrestlers who are universally liked and should be with the WWE for a long, long time. They have been gradually built up, and just recently in the past month finished their face turn, which should have finished last night to a huge, ginormous ovation. Instead, they lost to 4 guys that not only does nobody have any interest in, but Del Rio has quit the company multiple times, and Barrett is apparently leaving the company soon. They let a hastily thrown together team beat the hottest thing going in the WWE…for what reason? So the old school guys HBK, Foley, and Austin could come down to the ring to beat them up? If that is the only reason New Day lost that is some sad booking. Seeing HBK, Foley, and Stone Cold was awesome though.


Y2J beating Styles was odd, but just so Vince. Only Vince can decide last second for Jericho to lost to fucking Fandango at a Wrestlemania, but then beat the hot new addition to the company, AJ Styles. While it’s fine that Jericho won, it was just another one of those odd booking decisions where you’re looking for a pay-off, but don’t really get much of anything out of it.

Lesnar vs Ambrose should have stolen the show. It was a no DQ street fight…and they did a 13 minute match. By comparison, Shane vs Taker was 30 minutes and HHH vs Reigns was 27. But the no DQ street fight stayed in the ring for the most part and was 13 minutes. Lesnar and Ambrose could have gone to war and had an outrageous match, but instead it was basically just a steel chair match. No real big spots, nothing that even got close to stealing the show.

Wait, there was a little bit of good news! They decided to stop treating females completely as objects and are now going to call them…gasp…women! No more calling women wrestlers Divas, and man, they are proud of themselves for it. The triple threat match between Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte was good, but the ending with Flair’s interference left a bit to be desired. Similar to the Y2J match, you were left wishing something of note happened, that some sort of story was continued, but it just didn’t.

The Wyatts. What can you say? The Rock comes down to the ring, does his Rock thing, gets the crowd going, everyone is having a great time, and then the Wyatts come out. Oh man, this is is, the turnaround they need to be big time heels again. What an awesome idea to have Bray Wyatt go over the Rock at Mania to gain back all sorts of credibility that his character has been lacking. Ohhhhh, nevermind. How about a match between Rock and Erick Rowan which the Rock won…..in 6 seconds?! And if that wasn’t unnecessary enough….

John Cena showed up to continue squashing the Wyatts even more. Did Cena and the Rock, who have been involved in bitter feuds in the past, then turn on each other? Of course not. They held hands because why would something interesting happen? WWE relies on Cena and the Rock to get ratings instead of building up new stars. It stinks.

And finally, the main event. Let me tell ya this, brother, I cannot imagine watching that match on TV. We were sitting in the crowd in stunned silence, trying to make the most of it, but it was such a bad main event that I almost feel like HHH did it on purpose to prove a point, because HHH doesn’t put on bad matches. Roman Reigns does though. That is for sure.

The boo’s for Roman Reigns were deafening. But that’s cool, they countered that by…turning down the mics.

You know how you know you’ve fucked up? When the loudest, and only cheer your so called top face gets of the night is when he spears a woman. And it was more of a cheer for Stephanie for taking that spear like a champ, not for Reigns for doing it.

Roman Reigns winning clean at Mania without the slightest of heel turns was Vince’s revenge for having to change his main event plans when the fans demanded Daniel Bryan. Last night’s boo’s were reminiscent of when Bryan was left out of the Rumble just so Vince could give a “fuck you” to the fans. And that’s the exact message Vince sent last night. I have no idea how he has sat back there and listened to the fans boo his guy night in and night out for 2 years and still went through with having him be the top guy. How can Reigns possibly be the top face when he gets the most boos and hate out of anyone? It’s not how wrestling works, and it’s not how television works. I got a ton of tweets during the match that they were muting the mics and it was hard to hear the very loud “Roman Sucks” chants, among other things that were being yelled. And then after he got the pin, apparently the boos couldn’t be heard on TV? I’ll have to go back and listen, but know this, they were loud as fuck in the arena. 100,000 people didn’t just stop boo’ing once he wins.


Other notes:

Seeing Shane fall off the cell live and in person was crazy. Nobody should fall from that high, nevermind a middle aged man.

Cowboys Stadium is a big boy. Bigggg boy. Our seats were supposed to be in the “risers” but they were basically just floor seats but in the back, making it impossible to see. So we walked around until we found a section that seemed to be for sponsors/corporate people, or radio station winners, something like that and had perfect seats.

Shirt of the night, shout out to limo crew:

Fuck Jerry Jones for building his death star so far away from Downtown Dallas.

Overall, Mania was an incredible experience, save for the questionable decisions they made with the actual show. The show is being panned by fans, critics, wrestling writers…pretty much everyone. Vince would rather make a dollar his way than a million dollars your way, and it showed in full force last night.