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Everyone Is Saying The WWE Has A Leak Because Some Redditor Is Revealing All The Winners Before The Matches Take Place

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(Source) In February on r/SquaredCircle, Reddit’s pro wrestling forum, one poster kicked off a “prediction series,” asking users to pick who they expected to win at that week’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event. The winner was a user named “Dolphins1925,” who posted just minutes before the start of the event, and nailed the results of every single match. It was the first sign that WWE had sprung a leak.

“I will win this guaranteed,” Dolphins1925 wrote as he made his picks. ”I know all the winners.”

That sort of confidence in itself isn’t unusual; neither is someone scoring 100 percent on his predictions. Pro wrestling is fairly predictable. Pay attention to who’s being pushed and who’s being buried, combine that with dirtsheet rumors on what storylines are coming down the pipe, and you can get a pretty good sense of what’s going to happen at any given event.

No, what’s weird about Dolphins1925?s perfect slate is that he made his picks for the next pay-per-view, and the next, all the way down to last night’s Money in the Bank event, and he’s been completely right, every single time. He’s 38 for 38 in predicting the results of matches. He’s not just some fan guessing. He knows WWE’s plans.

He claims he doesn’t work for WWE himself, but has a source who does. He claims he’s revealing the results in order to embarrass the company, so it’ll realize how leaky its ship is. “I am hoping that spreading the word will get WWE’s attention,” he wrote. “I am hoping that it will put a stop to spoilers from being leaked.”


Oh yeah, there’s a “leak” in the WWE. Some fucking nerd on reddit just sinking the entire empire. K, sure guys, that’s exactly what is happening. Fucking idiots. If you don’t think this is all part of Vince’s master plan then you’re an absolute moron. First step, plant a “leak” in the reddit forum. Second step, have the leak go 38 for 38 and gain credibility. Third step, have the entire world believe that there is an actual leak and that we’re all being had. 4th step, let the leak make his silly little prediction on reddit now that everyone follows him and have it be wildly wrong and have Stone Cold come out of retirement and reveal the “leak” as Shane McMahon, the ultimate betrayal, and then Stone Cold will bury him alive with the help of Vince (yes Vince buries his own son, I couldn’t believe it either) only to have Undertaker and Kane save Shane-O-Mac at the very last second starting a Undertaker/Kane/Shane-O-Mac vs Stone Cold/Vince McMahon/Paul Bearer (He never really died, he’s just been chilling with Stone Cold at his ranch) rivalry that will last for the next year. Easy as that idiots. But yeah, there’s totally a “leak”.




Let’s just say that this “leak” thing is true, which it isn’t, well then…