Andre Iguodala Pranks The Warriors' Backup Center Into Thinking He's Cut/His Life Is Over Because April Fool's Is SOOOO Funny!

Oh what a lark, Iggy! You can actually pinpoint the genuine Ralph Wiggum Choo Choo Choose moment where Festus’s heart rips in half.


And you’re damn right it’s genuine. We’re talking about Festus Ezeli here. A backup center who is possibly a soft injury or failing to grovel to Steph Curry from getting kicked to the curb. Yeah, let’s convince the guy who averages 4.2 PPG for his career who his life is essentially over. Real great friend, Andre. There shall be no Festus for the rest of us.

Freaking April Fool’s. The only worthy pranks nowadays are the one’s that are harmless, yet still pure evil. Like last year when Sage Steele replaced the cream in her kid’s Oreos with toothpaste.


It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt.  Somebody call child services.  Mothers should never be this cruel to their children.  Shit like this should only be reserved for enemies and siblings only.  This is pure, unadulterated savagery on top of a waste of perfectly good Oreos.  The bitch probably licked the cream clean herself, too.