Pornhub Turns Into Cornhub For April Fools

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Let me just tell you something…when you’re 31 years old and its 1am and your wife and kid are asleep and you sneak off to the bathroom and pull up Pornhub and you’re immediately hit with Corn videos, its a fucking harrowing moment, ok? Its not funny. Its actually a little bit terrifying. Just last week on KFC Radio I was talking about how Porn Hub hits you with the “Recommended” section and how sometimes those recommendations can be really fucking eye opening. Like a computer looks at all your disgusting porn habits and concocts this list of videos that it thinks you would like and when the dirtiest, filthiest, most deranged shit comes up, you really gotta take a long hard look in the mirror.

Well imagine when you pull that up at 1am and see nothing but corn videos. There was about 3 and a half seconds where I didnt understand what was going on and thought that I finally had crossed the line with my porn habits. A 3 second window thinking…what have I been watching that all the sudden I’m being recommended corn porn???? Well played, Porn Hub. Its an actual April Fools joke that not only tricked me and my dick, but also made me laugh.

And you know who I wanna talk to? The people who work at Porn Hub who had to write the titles to these corn videos. “Huge Gaping Corn Hole.” “Full Cobs totally Peeled.” “Hot group of kernels takes a buttery load.” Theres someone out there whos got a lot of porn/corn humor and thats downright admirable. Never thought there would be a need for those 2 brands of humor to intersect but here we are. Corn Hub. Really great stuff that redeems the entire “holiday.”