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What Was A Lower Point In Tyronn Lue’s Life? Being Used As A Towel Rack or The Iverson Step Over

For a guy who had a fairly obscure NBA career Tyronn Lue has somehow managed to have 2 of the most disrespectful things that can happen to a human on a basketball court happen to him. First and most famously he played the role of the guy on the floor who Allen Iverson emasculated in Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals. By far the most famous moment of AI’s career and one of the most iconic moments in the last 30 years in the NBA. And then last night Iman Shumpert used Lue as a towel rack. So this begs the question if you were Tyronn Lue and could erase one of these moments from history which one would it be?

It’s actually a tough question because EVERYBODY knows about the Iverson incident. But that was natural. That was in the heat of battle. It’s more about Iverson being great than Lue being horrible. But it’s everywhere. He’s always gonna be the guy who got stepped over.

On the flip side being used as a towel rack is like somebody taking out a white glove and slapping you across the face with it. I’d rather get choked to death by Latrell Spreewell than have a player toss his sweaty towel at me. But it’s also a much smaller audience that even know this happened last night. So again if you were Tyronn what event would you erase?

For me I’d get rid of the towel rack incident. Just so degrading on a human level. You can at least make jokes about the Iverson step over. You can’t make any jokes about being used as a towel rack.

Vote 1 for erase the towel rack incident and 10 for the Iverson step over

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