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The "Babes For Trump" Political Activism Twitter May Be The Dumbest And Smartest Thing Of All Time



(Source) Women have strong political convictions; women have the right to vote. More importantly, though, women have boobs and butts.

At first glance, you might gather that’s the message behind a growing Instagram account, “Babes For Trump” which proclaims to be, “Making America Great Again One Babe At A Time.” (After this article was published, the Instagram was taken down, but they are still up and running on Twitter and Snapchat.)

The account, that is run by men, houses dozens of images of conventionally-attractive women baring it all in the name of supporting Trump. The photos range from women covering their nipples with Trump stickers, to others where support for Trump is expressed through campaign slogans Sharpied onto women’s butts. There are also a number of photos posted on the account that make no reference to Trump at all, but viewers can glean the subjects’ political preferences based on the accompanying hashtags: #babe4trump #babes4trump #babefortrump #babesfortrump #trump #trump2016 #trumpgirls #donaldtrump #bootypics #bootybootybooty.

The four college men behind Babes For Trump, which is also on Snapchat and Twitter, wouldn’t disclose their names, but told The Huffington Post their goal was to “create a unique platform for college students, primarily women, to express their political views.”

When asked how posting pictures of almost-naked women helps to elevate female voices, the guys said that simply drawing attention to their account, which has over 3,000 followers and only posts photos that were submitted to them, does just that.

“Just recently a woman from California reached out thanking us for giving girls the chance to be heard and praised for their thoughts without being attacked,” the creators told HuffPost. And they don’t deny that sex sells: “These pictures represent women in a manner to which they can be desired.”





You know how we always say “snake it till you make it?”. Well this my friends is the greatest snake it till you make it move of all time. Posting hot chicks on a twitter account and telling the Huffington Post it’s political activism with a straight face? Bravo. BRAVO! That right there is some of the greatest bullshit I’ve ever heard and I absolutely love it. Like this line.


“create a unique platform for college students, primarily women, to express their political views.”



I imagine the guys who wrote that line and sent it to Huff Po were absolutely howling with laughter as they typed it. Giving anecdotes about some woman in California being so thankful she finally has a political platform to be heard on. Magnificent. They know it’s bullshit, I know it’s bullshit, and the whole world knows it’s bullshit, but it doesn’t matter. They ended up on Huffington Post talking about politics. They snaked the system and I will never ever look down on that. Hats off.