Leo Dicaprio Calling J Lo "Boo Boo" During The Carpool Karaoke Texting Prank Was A Power Move

What a move. Boo Boo. I’d like to tell you I wont call a girl anything other than Boo Boo ever again, but I cant pull off Boo Boo. Neither can you. Normal guys can’t pull that shit off. With a regular girl, let alone with J Lo. I mean Leonardo Dicaprio was 100% ready to take J Lo to a club and have sex with her all night long. And you know what? J Lo probably was too. I bet you thats where James Corden dropped her off. They sung their songs and she had a good time with the fat jolly guy and then she went to Leo’s crib and cut loose all over that Dicaprio Dick. When Leo texts you Boo Boo you are contractually obligated to go fuck him on a yacht or something. Thats just how it goes.