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Apparently Nicki Minaj Is The One Who Leaked The Swaggy P Video?


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I had no idea that Iggy Azaela talked shit about Nicki Minaj recently or yesterday I would have bet my life that Nicki was behind this whole thing. Of COURSE she was. Nothing about Nicki Minaj screams rational human being, hell, few things about her even scream human being. She’s the quintessential crazy chick and if you cross her, you better be prepared for war. That goes for any girl who’s ever had their hair dyed a non-natural color (I don’t mean dying it so it’s not their own natural color, just a natural color for anyone. You can go from brunette to blonde, you can’t go from blonde to pink).

Chicks who do that kind of stuff are always going to be big fans of escalation. They’re the classic friend who takes things too far. Make fun of their shoes? Your dad left when you were born. Order a Bud Light? Let’s get shots of tequila. Cheat on them? They’ll cut your dick off. Talk shit? They’ll make sure the entire world knows that your fiance fucks around on you.

You have to know that by just looking at Nicki. If you’re in a beef with her just put your head down and go about your day. Fighting with her is like going toe to toe with Tyson, they’ve got that crazy look in their eye that says, “I don’t want to win, I want to end your life.”