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Ted Cruz Went On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night And In An Absolute Stunner, Was Actually Kind Of Funny




What was that? Was Ted Cruz actually a little bit funny there? I think he was. I’m so confused right now, my brain is spinning. Ted Cruz stepping away from being slimy politician Ted Cruz for a second and being a real human being? No way. Joking about the Muslim watch list, running over Trump with his car, hating on yoga, and then the quick witted “what’s my favorite cereal or serial killer” line where he admits to being self aware. I’m stunned, absolutely stunned. Why don’t more politicians do this? Just be regular human beings that can poke fun of themselves from time to time. Not the contrived Hillary dabbed on Ellen clip either. I’m talking about relaxed and semi normal, even if he rehearsed some of his answers in his head beforehand or had help from Kimmel’s writers, that entire interview seemed relatable by Ted Cruz standards. And I’m also not saying I love Ted Cruz after a 2 minute clip but at least he’s now a little bit human to me, which I can’t say was the case 10 minutes ago. Bizarre bizarre stuff. The crying during Star Wars thing was weird but everything else was pretty normal. Ted Cruz is kind of sort of funny. Wild world we live in, folks.



Ted Cruz trying to get me to like him.






The running over Trump line, that’s just what he does to these guys. He beats them down at a grade school level until they actually daydream about murdering the guy. Seen it happen with Jeb, Marco, and now Ted. He makes them so angry they actually want to commit murder, that’s power right there, or it’s arguing with a petulant 3 year old for months at a time. One or the other.