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Weed Smoking Hippie Does A Back Flip At A Trump Rally And Calls A Lady A Fat Bitch



This is it. People have lost their damn minds. We’ve been saying that this entire election season but that’s the video that really did it. What is even happening out there anymore at these rallies? We’ve got people getting groped and pepper sprayed and hippies doing back flips and calling people fat bitches. I half expect the world to just collapse in on itself before the next president is elected.  And quite honestly, we might be better off if that happens. The world needs to start over fresh cause this line of humans has run its course. It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you’re on. The world (well, the United States so the only place in the world that matters) has gone bat shit. Totally and completely bat shit. That hippie fell on his face attempting a back flip and it didn’t phase him. These political protestors are possessed people. That’s the only explanation.


PS- Is that video real? I could see it not being real for some reason. Oh I know what it is. It’s the guy’s outfit. He looks almost too much like a hippie. That’s the exact outfit you’d buy if you were going to a Halloween party as a stoner. It’s too on the nose.