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D'Angelo Russell Needed A Security Escort Leaving The Lakers Practice Facility





When you need security guards just to walk to your car then you know you’re in the shit big time. We’ve all fucked up before. Be it at work, with friends, with your girl even, everyone’s had people pissed at them. Usually you just lay low for a bit, ignore the noise, turn your phone off for a few days and let it all blow over. I even used to hide my phone under a couch cushion on the other side of the room, as if that made me harder to get a hold of, like I was a kid hiding.


But I have a feeling that one’s not going to work here, you know since he ruined an engagement with a pop superstar and all. If D’angelo was smart he’d tell the security guards to get fucked, take his beating like a man, then rejoin the locker room. Yeah, maybe you die, but maybe that’s what heals it all too. Guys punch each other in the face a few times then forget all their problems, bet that works with stuff as big as this too, it’s a sciencey thing.







PS – This is how you do branding