This Sunday Night, I'm Making My Return To Bar Rescue With Some Recon In St. Louis With Chris Long

Spike’s Hit Original Series “Bar Rescue” Heads to St. Louis, MO

This Sunday, April 3 at 9/8c

 This week, “Bar Rescue” goes to St. Louis, MO and tries to rescue O’Kelly’s, a downtown sports bar that’s being run into the ground by an owner’s out-of-control nephew and unqualified manager. Jon Taffer will have to reign in management issues before this once successful restaurant owner loses her bar and her livelihood.




Set those DVR’s, I made my return to Bar Rescue and it’s airing this Sunday night (take a quick break from Mania to tune in). We actually filmed this back in October, I flew down to St. Louis for a night (didn’t want to stay longer than 24 hours) and did some recon with Chris Long. I’m not sure how much of our recon makes the final cut but having conversations with Cardinal fans immediately after the Cubs beat them in the playoffs was quite the treat. I was glowing the entire time, also this bar had pudding shots and I had about 10 of them so part of the glow was probably do to that. I also think this is the last footage of a Ram in St Louis so that’s kind of cool. May end up in the Smithsonian. Tune in, should be a good time.