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Quick Update – I’m Dying



So yesterday I blogged about how I had a tooth that was dying and I needed to see a Dentist ASAP. I currently have an appointment scheduled for 3pm today. Well friends I’m afraid that may not be soon enough. My tooth is officially dead and is slowly killing the rest of my body. Honestly it’s just a tribute to my internal fortitude that I’m still alive right now. I’m literally on the strongest Percocet you can get and I’m still in intense excruciating pain. It feels like my tooth has a heartbeat that is reverberating in my entire body. So typical Pageviews it hurts. I can’t just have a simple tooth ache and go on my way. Nope I got to have the most painful toothache in the history of teeth. And for those keeping score at home teeth have existed forever. People keep saying cavities and dead teeth can kill you. Well I guarantee you that people have succumbed to far less that what I’m dealing with right now. I know my parents are probably reading this and freaking out. I wish I could tell them I’ll be okay but I honestly don’t know. 3pm can’t get here fast enough. I’m trying to fight this thing tooth and nail, but I’m still flesh and blood. I can only fight so hard and so long. Everybody light a candle for Pageviews.