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The Definitive List Of Stupid People On Twitter, Version 7.0

The Definitive List Of Stupid People On Twitter, Version 6.0 (Coffin Skate)

You know the drill here. In order to update the #StupidPeople of Twitter, you gotta bring the heat. Its gotta be something so stupid that it makes me gasp. I’ll be perfectly honest, Coffin Skate doesnt deserve to be on the list. I blogged that on a day when I was in a jam for blog material and it was going viral. Coffin Skate was one of the Black Twitter jokes where they just spell shit stupidly for fun. But today we have an entry that is so glorious, so genuine, and so stupid, it most certainly deserves the 7th installment of this series:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.21.24 AM


Mr. Meaner. Mister. Meaner. Classic. Hall of famer right there. You get 30 days in jail for a Mr. Mean and you can do 6 months for a Mr Meaner. And you dont even wanna know what the punishment is for a Mr. Meanest. Thats only illegal in a handful of states in this country. Midas Whale call your lawyer, you’ve been charge with a Mr. Meaner.