At Least There's No Way The D'Angelo Russell Drama Carries Over Onto The Court


Orrrrrrrr maybe not.

Now to be fair, this happened last Tuesday the 22nd. So it’s hard to say if they already knew about the tape at that point or if they were already sick of Russell. I’m going to go with the former, as ESPN reports the tape was in fact out last week:

ESPN – Sources told that some teammates’ trust in Russell is eroding after a video surfaced in the past week that shows Russell recording a private conversation between himself and teammate Nick Young. Young does not appear to realize he is being taped. The video, which is believed to have come to light last week via the Twitter account of a celebrity gossip site, shows Russell filming Young while asking questions about Young being with other women. Young and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea announced their engagement last June.

Absolutely crazy shit. Take notes, kids. Recording your teammate talking about fucking other women besides his wife then spreading the video around is not the move. Imagine if the conversations you have with your friends in your house, dorm room, wherever ever got leaked to the public. Now imagine if you are on the Los Angeles Lakers. You know that sinking feeling when you get caught doing something. When you feel it deep down in the pit of your stomach? Multiply that by 10,000 and now you are D’Angelo Russell.

Lakers offseason checklist:

1) Get a coach who isn’t the worst coach in the league

2) Get a player to replace Kobe who isn’t the worst shooter in the league

3) Trade Nick Young to Milwaukee

4) Tell D’Angelo Russell he can only use Nokia phones and play snake