If You're Wondering Why Buddy Hield Is Such A Good Shooter Check Out The Hoop In His Driveway He Grew Up With

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Buddy Hield. What a spoiled brat. You want to know why college athletes are such entitled primadonnas these days look no further.

But in all seriousness I think Dr. James Naismith had a nicer hoop than Buddy Hield did growing up. Like the dude took a peach basket and tied it to a stick with some string and it basically looked like Madison Square Garden compared to Buddy’s. I mean look at that thing. If you grew up draining threes into that piece of shit, college basketball gym hoops have gotta be a piece of cake.

Fucking love Buddy Hield. Easily my favorite player in this year’s tournament. Great article from Jeff Goodman about Buddy and how he grew up and the people who knew/know him.