Anderson Cooper Made Donald Trump Look Like A Whiny Little Bitch




I’ve seen Trump do a lot of bad things, from proposing that we commit war crimes by killing the families of terrorists to having Twitter wars that make high school girls smh, but this was the worst look I’ve ever seen from him. He got called out and immediately devolved into your girlfriend when she knows she’s up against the ropes. Trump was accused of something he one thousand percent was doing, acting like a child, then immediately dismissed it and made the problem a whole lot bigger. That’s girl 101. If they know they’re wrong they turn the fight from one specific thing, which they’re in the wrong about, to an issue with your entire relationship, which they know they’re right about and before you know it, you’re not fighting about what you were actually mad over and they’ve got the upper hand. It’s amazing. “That’s the problem with this country!” as a response to, “You’re acting like a five year old.” I guess he’s kinda right, the problem is a Garbage Pail Kid leading the polls, but stay the fuck on topic.