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Wal Mart Cashier Does The Greatest Scooby Doo And Shaggy Impression Of All Time



Nailed it! The impression that no one thought to do, that guy crushed it. Those are some long hours at Wal Mart. At a certain point I’m guessing you just start trying stuff in order to keep yourself occupied. Then on day you stumble upon Scooby Doo and Shaggy and you light the internet on fire. It really is an A+ impression. Also, that girl saying, “This is gonna be a viral video” kind of ruined the moment. It’s like when you’re hanging out with your friends and everybody is having an awesome time. The drinks are flowing, the conversation is sparkling and the belly laughs are genuine.  Then Janet has to swoop in and say, “This is so much fun! We’re having so much fun!” and it ruins the moment completely. Come on, Janet.


Unrelated but related cashier story and the real reason I blogged this


I went to the gas station the other night, got my snacks and headed up to register like normal.  As I got up there I had an interaction with the cashier that went like this:


Cashier: Hello, how are you?


Me: I’m good, how are you?


Cashier: I’m well.


FUCK YOU. Don’t do that. I hate when cashiers do that. It’s like they’re trying to teach me a lesson. Fine. My grammar isn’t technically correct but they don’t have to be an asshole about it. Saying, “I’m well” after somebody says “I’m good” is sneaky one of the biggest dick moves of all time. It’s like they’re looking down at you like you’re a peasant who can’t talk good. It’s a small thing but it really grinds my gears. In the words of the great Jerry Seinfeld, “You’re a cashier!” Fuck right off. And to a larger point, why isn’t “I’m good” the acceptable response? 99.9% of the population says it. It should just be that.